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      • China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co.,Ltd.
      • размер : 54 ㎡
      • дата : 2011-11-29
      • выставка : China Maritime Exhibition 2011
      • место : Shanghai,China
      • класс:Глобальная случае
      • тип :Малая выставочная
      • Положение : Shanghai New International Expo Center
      • промышленность : Marine & Aviation
      China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co.,Ltd.,("China Transmission") as one of the top 100 competitive enterprises of China mechanic industry,mainly produces high speed and over load gearbox.Founded in 1969,China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co.,Ltd.used to be Nanjing Machine Tool Repairing Plant.In 1976,the factory was expanded and transformed to a professional gear manufacturer and renamed as Nanjing High Speed Gear Box Factory.In 2001,it was altered into an incorporated company.With the corporate spirit of "climbing up the summit step by step,striving after the perfection bit by bit",after more than 40 years of development and accumulation,China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co.,Ltd.has become a widely recognized leading company in Chinese transmission industry with strong advantages in technology,equipments and products performance,and is stepping into international advanced ranks.Being responsible to customer and society means being responsible to ourselves.During the past years,China Transmission has been taking the prudent style of "definite duty and least mistake",and the liability of "Geared for a Better Future",upon the advantages in the aspects of technology,research and development,has had its products covering many industrial regions like energy,marine,power generation,metallurgy,construction materials,chemistry,mine,lifting,national defense,and so on.The company has offered transmission equipments for several domestic large enterprises including Bao steel Group Corporation,Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation,Shougang Group,etc.Meanwhile,the company also develops the international market actively,and the products are sold well abroad.In recent years,China Transmission has achieved breakthrough progress in new product fields.So far,the wind power transmission equipment has covered more than half of the domestic market and 24% of international market.The company now supplies in batches wind power gearboxes of all types up to 3.6MW,and has successfully developed a number of prototypes of wind power main gearboxes sized from 3.6MW to 6MW.In the marine transmission sector,the company has become the leading integrated manufacturer in domestic market of marine propulsion system,providing the whole set of product including gearbox,propeller,coupler,power control system and hydraulic system.Meanwhile,the company is aiming at the transmission equipments market of high speed locomotive and urban light railway,actively developing locomotive transmission equipments and has signed a technical support agreement with Alstom Company (French).The products will cover the markets both at home and abroad,which will become a new growth highlight for the company.China Transmission has been growing with the development of continuous new products and technology.It has developed a number of products that have filled the domestic technical blanks.Owing to the excellent technology and high quality,the company has gained over a hundred awards and certificates including the national,provincial or municipal science progress awards,excellent new product awards,new product certificate,high and new tech product certificate,high and new tech enterprise certificate,etc.So far,the company has been authorized 230 patents,and it is the first to adopt the international standards ISO 1328 and ISO 06336 in China and has been listed as model enterprise to 863 national program and CIMS application.At the same time,the company has built up cooperation relationship with many universities and research institutes at home and abroad.The company now has over 1600 engineers and technicians,representing 23% of total personnel,among whom 7 are professor level senior engineers and 5 are experts enjoying the Government's Special Subsidy.China Transmissio is engaged in creating international famous name brand and actively pursuing the international standards in various aspects including product,technology,management,etc.to implement international development.The company has built up cooperation relationship with many famous enterprises,including GE in America,ALSTOM in France,SMS in Germany,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd in Japan,Hitachi and Sumitomo.And it has employed Japanese experts to conduct 5S management within the company.Looking forward to the future,the staffs of China Transmission are filled with lofty sentiments and aspirations and confidence,"our member are from all over the world,our materials are from all over the world,our equipments are from all over the world,our markets face all over the world and our management is from all over the world".China Transmission will be the world's transmission.
      China Maritime Exhibition 2011
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