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      Shanghai Green building solar is a subsidiaries of Jinggong Energy group which belongs to Jinggong Steel Building Group,Jinggong Steel Building Group (Stock Code: 600496) was established in 1999.With 15 years development,JINGGONG STEEL owns six production bases and over 6600 employees.As a public company and national high-tech enterprise,the company ranks top one for six consecutive years in national structural steel industry.It has got "Class One Professional Steel Building Contraction Qualification","Premium Qualification of National Structural Steel Manufacturing Enterprise" and "Grade A Qualification of Professional Structural Steel Design",and has managerial authority of "Construction,Engineering and Consultation" by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.Besides,JINGGONG STEEL has passed "Japan H-level Structural Steel Manufacturing Performance Certification","Singapore National Certificate on Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation".And any other standard such as BSEMSO,EN,ASTM,AWS,AISC,SSPC,AS,ISO 9001,and ISO14001Now JINGGONG STEEL provides consulting,engineering,manufacturing,construction and after-sale service.The Overseas Division was established in 2010 with branches in Hongkong,Macao,Singapore,Vietnam,Brazil,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates,etc.JINGGONG STEEL owns production bases in Zhejiang,Shanghai,Anhui,Guangdong,Hubei,and a newly built export base in Shaoxing City.The company has introduced advanced equipment from Japan,Italy,America,Germany,etc,which greatly increases the production capacity.By now,the annual structural steel production is 500,000 tons,and the steel decking production is 10,000,000 square meters.With the idea of "People Oriented and Technology First",JINGGONG STEEL has professionals including national registered structural engineers,construction engineers,fabrication engineers,welding inspectors,budgeting specialists,and other technical personnel,making up 25% of the total employees.Over 1800 skilled workers are working in the factory,and 130 have passed JIS,AWS and CWI test.The service of JINGGONG STEEL is in accordance with ASTM,EN,JIS,etc.The third party inspection center carries out various kinds of structural steel tests.JINGGONG STEEL has been awarded several national top awards in construction field."Luban Award","Zhan Tianyou Engineering Award","National Gold Medal,Silver Medal",etc
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      Китай разработка стендов,Китай выставочной компании,Проектирование выставочной сцены,Показ и выставки
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      Demage Russia Exhibition Company
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