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      • TCL Corporation
      • Bereich : Large-scale
      • Datum : 2013-09-03
      • Ausstellung : IFA Germany 2013
      • Ort :Berlin,Germany
      • Einstufung :Globaler Messe
      • Typ :Großer Stand
      • Veranstaltungsorte : Berlin,Germany
      • Industrie : Electronics Technology
      TCL Corporation is one of China′s largest enterprise groups of consumer electronics on global scale,which owns four listed companies: TCL Corporation (SZ.000100),TCL Multimedia Technology (01070.HK),TCL Communication Technology (02618.HK) and Tonly Electronics (01249.HK),with major consumer products including: color TV,mobile phone,air conditioners,refrigerators,washing machines,small appliances and so on.Currently,TCL has formed five industry groups of TCL Multimedia,Communications,CSOT,TCL Home Appliance and Tonly Electronics,as well as System Technology Business Division,Techne Group,Emerging Business Group,Investment Group,Highly Information Industry,Financial Business Division and other business segments.TCL was founded in 1981.After 30 years of development,TCL has rapidly developed to be the leader of China′s electronic information industry from the start,in the trend of China′s reform and opening up,with dedication and innovation.In 2014 TCL brand value is 66.859 billion yuan,continuing to be the first brand of Chinese color TV industry.
      IFA Germany 2014
      Brazil ES 2015-7-20
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      Ausstellungsfirma,Design praesentieren,Messeständedesign,Standbau,Standdesign,Ausstellungsdesign
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