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      • Midea Group
      • Bereich : 150 ㎡
      • Datum : 2014-03-21
      • Ausstellung : MCE Italy 2014
      • Ort :Italy
      • Einstufung :Globaler Messe
      • Typ :Großer Stand
      • Veranstaltungsorte : Italy
      • Industrie : Electronics Technology
      Since being established in 1968,Midea has grown from what was once a local workshop into a leading consumer appliances and heating,ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems manufacturer,with operations around the world.Forty years of persistent growth has brought its global turnover to US$23 billion in 2014.Consequently,Midea has over 126,000 employees in China and throughout the world.Midea believes in creating value through responding rapidly to market demands,cost-efficient operations and consumer satisfaction.As a result,Midea wields a comprehensive product portfolio and vast production capacity to meet these demands.Midea's integrated research and manufacturing process helps to enrich lifestyles worldwide through a distinct range of innovative,yet affordable products.Today,Midea is a leading brand in China and a rising giant around the world.The company continues to globalize its operations with production bases in Vietnam,Belarus,Egypt,Brazil,Argentina,and India,to be followed by additional plants in some other countries.Midea is also expanding its distribution network in several countries to offer better services to local consumers in those locations.Looking ahead,Midea persists with its strategy of taking the initiative to continue as a highly dynamic enterprise,with the goal of consistent growth that characterises a world class business.In parallel with its plans for expansion,Midea is also deeply devoted to its role as a responsible corporate citizen around the world.
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