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    Company Culture

    As the wind vane of business development,the company culture carries existence meaning,direction,target and value pursuit of a company.DEMAGE summarized its fundamental value concept upon continuous development for many years.The value concept inclusive of DEMAGE's common cognition system and habitual behaviors congeals and motivates the DEMAGE staffs into continuous diligence.It has become the basis of DEMAGE's success and fundamental power for sustainable development.

    DEMAGE considers mission,aim,vision,style and motto as key components of its company culture,clearly indicating that DEMAGE combines today with tomorrow to form common development goals and spiritual pursuit for DEMAGE staffs.

    Our mission: to build EI system to promote branding by exhibition booth.

    DEMAGE builds the world's first exhibition booth EI system (Exhibition Identity).In our opinion,we will extend the unified style of an enterprise's booth structure for one year or more,provided creative concepts are unique and in line with the corporate culture and characteristics,which will make it more impressive to exhibition visitors,the company's brand more recognizable and its branding more effective.

    With full name of exhibition identity,the EI,namely the identity system for visual design of enterprise booth,was proposed by the DEMAGE for the first in the world.It is used to convert CI's non- visual content into static visual recognition symbols for exhibition booths.The design in place,the visual identity system well designed and implemented scientifically is a shortcut for spreading corporate brands and business philosophies,building a corporate reputation and shaping the image of corporate exhibition.With the EI system design,an enterprise can obtain employees' sense of identity and sense of belonging and strengthen cohesive forces.It also can establish an overall image of enterprise booth and integrate resources to convey enterprise information to exhibitors and visiting audiences.The enterprise can strengthen the awareness of the audiences through the visual identity so as to be recognized.EI will become part of the large enterprise's CIS.CI covers four aspects,including BI (behavior identity),MI (mid identity),VI (visual identity) and EI (exhibition identity).

    Our aim: to enable customers to obtain more orders in the exhibition

    We firmly believe that our success is based on customers' success and we can establish a long-term cooperation and realize a worldwide customer base only when every customer is satisfied.

    Our style: conscientiousness,speediness and adherence to commitment

    Conscientiousness brings high quality.We can do things well and come out with superior exhibition booths only when sticking to conscientiousness.

    Speediness brings efficiency.Since the exhibition cycle is very short,we can win the future only when top efficiency is achieved.

    Adherence to commitment brings reputation.It is our belief that only by being true to our words can we win more customers.

    Our vision: to offer exhibition services everywhere in the world

    Wherever there is an exhibition,there is DEMAGE.We hope to develop the exhibition business in all places around the world and offer exhibition services so as to acquire an international customer base.

    Our vision can be divided into five parts:

    Part 1: exhibition booth design and construction.

    Vision: to build the EI system to promote branding by exhibition booth

    Part 2: 114MAX's models worldwide

    Vision: there is no difficult design.

    Part 3: EXPOTU'S pictures worldwide

    Vision: allow people to see the world's exhibitions indoors.

    Part 4: MESSE worldwide

    Vision: build evaluation booths around the world.

    Part 5: 114EXPO worldwide

    Vision: build a bridge for world trade and make global exhibitions easier.

    DEMAGE motto: self-discipline and social commitment

    We strongly believe that only ethical enterprises are able to develop in the long run and can assume more missions.Only when bearing social commitment can we achieve our goal of exhibition worldwide and long-lasting development.

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