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    Company History

        DEMAGE (Global) Conference & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is a professional exhibition company dedicated to the design, production and construction of global exhibitions. Headquartered in Germany with a group of highly qualified staff and professional department, it has set up branches in 32 countries and 117 regions such as China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, India, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, Russia, Spain and so on. In addition, DEMAGE joined in the Bureau of International Expositions in 2001 to share global resources for exhibition construction and has established a close partnership with other members to achieve global one-stop services.

    May 2012 DEMAGE established Chinese Exhibition Institute to provide an interactive platform for communication and learning in the exhibition industry.
    October 2011 DEMAGE was awarded the Class A qualification certificate of exhibition design & construction by the exhibition association.
    May 2011 DEMAGE cooperated with Donghua University to establish the DEMAGE - Donghua University Design Research Center.
    January 2010 DEMAGE joined in IFES at its invitation.
    October 2009 DEMAGE set up the 114MAX to provide a sharing platform for the interaction of China’s original 3D models.
    March 2009 DEMAGE became a vice-president unit of GAEI at its invitation.
    March 2008 DEMAGE set up the Sozhan network company to develop a world-leading portal website for exhibitions.
    August 2007 DEMAGE set up the Exhibition Supermarket to combine exhibitions with retails for the first in the world.
    April 2007 DEMAGE became a director unit of GAEI at its invitation.
    May 2005 DEMAGE Corp. moved to Frankfurt.
    January 2003 DEMAGE joined in Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association at invitation.
    January 2002 DEMAGE Corp. entered into China and established a branch in Shanghai.
    June 2001 DEMAGE Corp. joined in OSPI and became its global supplier.
    November 1999 DEMAGE Corp. established a branch in South Korea.
    January 1997 DEMAGE passed DIN9001 Quality System Certification.
    February 1996 DEMAGE set up a large producing plant in Frankfurt to enhance its producing capacity.
    April 1994 DEMAGE established a branch in Singapore.
    July 1992 DEMAGE established a branch in Moscow and held the 1st Moscow International Aviation Exhibition in August of the same year.
    September 1988 DEMAGE joined in BRD Industrial and Commercial Association and became its member.
    February 1985 DEMAGE hosted BRD Aviation Exhibition in Hannover jointly with BRD Aviation Industrial Association and BRD Aviation Exhibition Holding Co., Ltd.
    July 1977 DEMAGE planned and hosted German Civil Tennis Open in Berlin, Germany jointly with BRD Tennis Association.
    May 1974 DEMAGE planned and hosted German "Aug-Hans" Cup Youth Ski Tournament jointly with Ski Association of BRD Gymnastics Federation.
    January 1971 DEMAGE was established in Bielefeld.
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