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    Demage exhibition Messe adopted the rising Exhibition Construction trends and Arts to build the charming exhibition artworks
    Date : 2015-10-23    Type : Company NewsEditor : Demage Newsroom

    as the current social economics rapidly rises,it comes the development spring for all industries in China under the big "reformand opening up" strategies,by the close economic cooperation at China home andabroad,and the continual aggressiveness efforts by many domestic enterprises,ithelped improve China to be an important member in global society,yet now,thebest method and most powerful way is still the exhibition and events like tradeshows,display shows,special purchase shows,tide purchase show,etc.whichusually happened inside the industry to help present the fresh new industry lookand bring a good social image for the enterprise,the rising display standdesign and construction art brought by them thus highlighted all these commonindustry expos.

    As industry professionstold that,the target enterprise image a display design and constructionpresented is how an enterprise attracted customers in a "direct" manner withina short time period.So,more and more exhibitors and trade show organizers beganput more efforts in the booth construction and design,as it discovered that,theDemage exhibition messe – who devoted to global exhibition design,plan,andconstruction as a specialised exhibition services provider company,distinguisheditself from many industry competitors to become the head exhibition businesspartners designated by current huge many famous enterprises.It generally winedgood ratings from these enterprises by its professional services.

    The photo of Demage leaders and UFI (Unionof international Fairs) chairman

    UFI leaders came to Demage to guild thework,they expected us to join in them to collaborate with its members tocontribute to the world exhibition construction businesses.

    exhibition occurs in various industries,Demagetook the opportunity to rise up

    in recent years,the trade shows amongindustries were more and more frequently held,local and national expos like ClothingFair,Electric Fair,Cold Expo etc.would timely be held by schedule as well asthe active global ones in the market economy,this drive all enterprise bewilling to invest more in its "facade engineering" in an order for a fresh new,beautiful enterprise image.,

    But against such high booth construction requirements,many enterprise market department can't afford it,this perfect art require thebooth be present in individual culture art,also manifested in a high level visioninspiration,which usually goes beyond what an enterprise can held,so,people usuallychose to cooperate with a design company with excellent team resource andprofessional exhibition talents to accomplish it,so Demage comply to take thisopportunities to raise up to develop itself.

    the world advance EI concept system as Demagethe broughter,as support force to help the enterprise harvest huge reputation.

    As it discovered that,Demage exhibitionmesse owned advance theories,and also high standard industry services platform,of which the most important is the EI system (exhibition identity) the companycreated concentrating on the enterprise EI vision design,is a way toconvert CI′s non- visual content into static visual recognition symbols thenpresent it through booth,in which there blended heavy enterprise culture andbrand promotion elements,is a place where mostly and ultimately outlined fullythe enterprise feature.

    As many practicable applications showedthat,a professional,high quality booth construction art,would played a greatimportant role and effect for shaping the final enterprise image,to help propagatethe enterprise brand,even help enhanced the enterprise cohesive force.

    Power created theEnterpriseking style,while Demage help toenhance it as the enterprise basics

    Demage exhibition has already wined generalgreat praises from many customer enterprises,In China,DEMAGE has establisheda win-win partnership withDonghuaUniversityto build the DEMAGE -DonghuaUniversityDesignResearchCenterfor jointdevelopment of the exhibition booth EI System (Exhibition Identity).To makedeep investigation to China enterprises also the old Chinese art design essences,to finally construct to bring global standard cutting-edge beautiful exhibitionbooth "stage",now Demage already has served many world top 500 clientcompanies with professional services,wined general positive ratings from them.

    Also as it was toldthat,Demage was headquartered in Germany,with branches in 32 countries and118 regions such as China,the United States,UK and so on,possessed a highquality and most professional excellent design team and execution team,Yet In2001 it joined the WTO,the establishment of this huge platform not only contributedgreat exhibition resource worldwide to the public,but also stands for apromotion and enhancement process for itself.

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