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    the secondary cooperation between Demage exhibition Messe Germany and TCL on 2014 IFA
    Date : 2015-10-22    Type : Company NewsEditor : Demage Newsroom

    On Beijing time Sep 5-10th2014,the annually IFA (the Internationale Funkausstellung ) was held by shucle inBerlin,the IFA expo is one of the world most influential,and most exhibitorcompanies consumable electronics products expos.This2014 IFAis the 54thafter the 1th 90 years ago,the expo exhibiting size were increasing very yearwith more and more exhibitor companes,on this expo,the wearable equipment andwisdom home became public key focusing point.

    The same time last year,the 2013 IFA boothdesign Demage forTCLreached wonderful prefermance,now in this 2014 IFA expo,Demage again made the tailored booth deisgn in great unique TCL enterprise style,make it stand out again in many excellent exhibitor companies to be top best.

    This TCL booth design Demage exhibitionmesse designed and constructed for TCL with EI applied adopted the usual TCL style,whichmade the booth manited in great identiey,and brand effect,the booth TCL presentin outlined product uniqueness,propectiveness,and great science fictionstyle,attracting much population people,this the the TCL booth adopted inmodern America style,with 2 distrive theme clearly divided,this design goessharply different Europen achvent design ideas of the exquisite boundaryfeature,outlining the unlimit space,fit closely with TCL's continuous innovation,and continuous breakthrough,the no limitation design theories.On Right top ofthe display board,spreading colorful hard boundoried primer geo shapes,which collatedto product vivid effect,which also outline the TCL brand feature,promoted the booth brand idenidables.

    When going near the booth,one willattracted by the right center big sized curve screen TV and thus might godeeper into the booth for visiting,the two sides and right front exhibitingTCL new products,a colorful "Colour touch" area was set up in the booth,thereexhibited products mainly facing children and youths,in the back of the boothit has a specil sales exhibiting area,the audiiones who were willing to make alive bought can discuss with the TCL workers to finish the purchasement,thistime the TCL booth movitated the audious in every aspects,here,visitors canjoin in the heavily realistic man-machine interactives,to expsense theinteresting sensing game,the light and shadowing even,

    The wonderful performanceof the booth help TCL wined the golden prize of "Quantum dot display technology",fully displayed their development and research power to the public.Quantum dotdisplay technology will bring fresh new displaying experience.

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