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    Demage carefully designed the globalized Dalian Yidu booth to help it shine on 2015 Asia Fruit Logistica
    Date : 2015-10-21    Type : Company NewsEditor : Demage Newsroom

    The2015 Asia Fruit Logisticaexpo was successfullyhold inHongkong Asian internationl expo centeron Sep the 2-4th,it is the Asia biggest fresh vegetable and fruitproducts majored exhibition expo.As the vege industry leading professional expo,this expo concentrated on fresh fruit and vegetables industry from whole Asian,and general agricultural products and industry related industrial value chain.

    Dalianyiduwere trying to build a one stop static platform and coldfoodtrading centers leading in teeches,translort in,policy-match,global –facing.

    Based on the Dalian Yidu enterprise style,Demagekeynoted the overall booth with globalized,Spaciousness,as basic tone,givingpeople fresh and bright vision feeling.

    In the product display area,Demage appliedgreat many cold colored materials in the overall construction,the white mainconstruct block exhibited Dalian yidu of its high Efficient and fast Cold foodschain logistics platform,and the colorful fresh vegetables background wall andwhite simplicity all booth formed Sharp contrasts,in another aspects they illustratedDalian yidu's high efficient and first leading cold food chain and fresh preservationtechniques.

    The hightspot of the fruit vegetable expoexisted in: the fruit elements were sophisticatedly blended in the center bardesign hanging in 2 sides of the pendant lamp,the tidy arranged colored boardsinterspersed,the colorfully fresh fruits create a vivid atmosphere for the simplicity,space impressive design.

    The Curtain wall

    The statements as "fresh,healthy,yet delicious"in the fruit painted background wall is the best instruction of the Dalian Yidubrands essences.

    The overall booth create a simple freshantions,the backgroud wall word "your best way to chinese consumers" directlymeet with the calling from the coopraor intention which goes well also with theguarantees to the consumers,and that is "with ease at home enjoy the natural essences,and tastes from global",this detail bit outlined Dalian Yidu integrated and uniformedindustry chain.

    In the relaxing area in the booth,Demageexpores dedicated set up a safftiy open meeting room,to host exhibitors andbusinessors,fully present Dalian Yidu enterprise delicated services.

    From the pleasant cooperation with the DalianYidu enterprise,Demage closely felt Dalian Yidu's greatness as a platform formany dreaming youths as a super vivid group,the successful transaction with DalianYidu,make it the cooperation partner and both the learning targetee,Demage exhibitionmesse is an one stop services provider enterprise for global exhibition design,plan,construction issues as "one transaction per charger,comprehensiveone-stop-shop service",by its industry frontline theories and professionaldedications for global exhibitors.

    As under the very correcttheory guildance,Demage exhibition and Dalian Yidu both advanced to foughtbravely in each industry domains.

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